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Washington State Personal Injury Lawyer

With over 27 years of legal experience, we believe the legal system must be equal for all.

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Established Law Firm

Daniel Gordy & Associates (founded in 1994) is an established and respected law firm based in Seattle, Washington. The clients represented by Daniel Gordy & Associates form a highly diversified group.

Commitment to Legal Equality

The firm is committed to the principle that access to the benefits, rights, and protections of our laws and legal system must be equal for all; and legal disputes should not be determined by the relative means of any party, but instead upon the merits of the particular claims.

Criminal Defense, Arbitration and More

The firm represents clients for a wide range of matters which include accident and injury claims, defense against criminal charges, business and contractual disputes, administrative matters, mediation, and arbitration.


I was referred to Dan Gordy about a decade ago by a close friend (who was himself a former client of Gordy’s). Since that time Mr. Gordy represented me in a couple of Personal Injury claims and I’ve been very happy with his services. He instills confidence in you as a client and he always delivers what he promises. I would recommend him to anyone. Absolutely anyone! In fact, I did recommend several times to friends and even immediate family members. Bottom line is you simply can’t go wrong with Mr. Gordy and his firm!
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Dan is a thoughtful and intelligent attorney. He is adept at successfully handling all types of personal injury cases, including those involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. I strongly endorse him.
Gregory Colburn
Car Accidents Attorney